Plant ColoradoScape

Is it possible to have a beautiful, lush yard, without using a lot of water? Of course! Xeriscape is not the harshness of a mix of rocks and cactus. It is actually a method of design producing beautiful water-sustainable landscapes, using a variety of regionally adaptive plants. Xeriscape was developed in 1981 by a team of landscape architects, contractors, horticulturists, and irrigation specialists at Denver Water! While limiting turf area is a major component, xeriscape is more about putting the right plant in the right place and essentially establishing a common sense garden design in an arid climate.

A typical xeriscape could increase your total vegetated area while simultaneously reducing water use. Thus, Castle Rock Water calls this landscaping style ColoradoScape! Replacing turf with a variety of plants and hardscapes also adds interest, function and value to your home!

The benefits of ColoradoScape

  • Save water
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Increase property value
  • Improve aesthetics and curb appeal
  • Add style and color
  • Reduce waste
  • Grow healthier plants
  • Add versatility to the space
  • Create wildlife habitat

ColoradoScape Design 

No longer do residents have to put up with a water-guzzling yard that is boring and uninspiring. Now, the curb appeal of a ColoradoScape is only matched by the ease of maintenance. Use these tools and tips to get started on your landscape transformation.

ColoradoScape Tip No. 1 - Have a plan

The most important step in any yard makeover project is to have a plan. Installing those trees, plants and boulders in the right place always goes better when you have a solid design. Watch this video to learn more.

ColoradoScape Tip No. 2 - Getting started

Tired of mowing the lawn? Then, get rid of it! Watch this video to learn more. (It is not as hard as it looks.)

ColoradoScape Tip No. 3 - Selecting Plants 

Agastache? Pincushion? Vinca? Do you know what plants do well in the semi-arid, high desert climate of Castle Rock?

ColoradoScape Tip No. 4 - Hardscape

A low-water landscape is a balance of rock, mulch and plants.

ColoradoScape Tip No. 5 - Maintenance

What is deadheading? Yard work is always great with some classic rock, but deadheading actually involves pinching off old, spent flowers to entice an additional bloom. ColoradoScapes takes the weekly mowing out of yard maintenance.

ColoradoScape Tip No. 6 - Irrigation

ColoradoScape is about water conservation and having the right tools makes it easy. Switch to a drip system for landscape beds to reduce 20% of more water waste from evaporation!