Garden In A Box

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Beautiful landscapes made easy

Have you decided this is the year to get your yard in shape? Do you know how to get the gorgeous, colorful garden you’ve always wanted without paying the professional price tag and doubling your water bill? With just a click, you can order a xeric (low-water) garden kit in March that’s ready to pick up and plant in May. These pre-designed kits are tailored to Colorado soil, and the simple plant-by-number maps take the guesswork out of buying and planting. Plus, the garden kits can help you save around 1,000 gallons of water compared to a traditional grass lawn.

Starting at just $110, there’s a Garden In A Box to fit your budget. Gardens sell out quickly - visit and see if you qualify for a $25 discount for Castle Rock Water customers.

 Order your Garden In A Box

What to expect from your Garden In A Box

These do it yourself garden kits come with 14 to 29 starter plants, a comprehensive plant and care guide, and one to three plant-by-number garden designs. Regardless of expertise, you can save water and beautify your landscape with these affordable gardens.  

There are several different gardens with options for sun, shade and high altitudes. The gardens cover areas from 60 to 100 sq. ft. Each garden has hardened off, starter plants potted in 4-inch containers. All are locally grown and bee-safe. These are starter plants and will take two three years of regularly scheduled watering to become established. By year three or four, the plants should only need watering during extended dry conditions.

Upon ordering and paying for your gardens, you will be notified of the pick up date(s) available in Castle Rock and surrounding areas. One garden can easily fit in a back seat or trunk of a car. 

Do I need to replace turf if I get a Garden In A Box?

While it is not necessary to remove turf to purchase or plant a Garden In A Box, this is a primary intent of this program. Removing the water-guzzling lawn and replacing it with these vibrant, low-water use plants will increase the beauty of your yard, while decreasing the need to water. When turf is removed, the amount of potential water saved from one 100 sq. ft. garden is 1,043 gallons per growing season!  Plus, Castle Rock Water offers a turf removal rebate!   

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