Dos and Don'ts


  • Do allot several days / weeks to develop a xeric design plan. Identify shady spots, determine areas with a new function, create a plant list and draw draft plans.
  • Do contact your homeowner's association (HOA). While the law (Senate Bill 13-183) allows homeowners to have xeric design and reduce turf regardless of HOA regulations, there are still some enforceable restrictions. 
  • Do change out your sprinklers. A major consideration of xeric design is using less water. Consider installing a new drip or micro-spray system.
  • Do be patient. It will take any landscape (xeric or other), 3 to 4 years to begin to fill in. For a true xeric landscape, after 3 years, regular watering is no longer required. You will only need to water occasionally during hot and dry months.
  • Do be acutely aware of hydro-zoning. Low water plants placed in high watering zones will not flourish and can become diseased and die.

  • Don't go to the big box home store and pick up whatever plant looks pretty. Castle Rock is in Zone 5b and not all plants will grow well here - even though they are sold here. We are at a higher elevation with a shorter growing season than even Denver. Check out our plant list for more information.
  • Don't get sticker shock. Any landscape plan will have costs. Within 3 to 4 years, xeric design is more likely to recoup costs due to less water and maintenance.
  • Don't fret over the ‘best’ plant. A beautiful garden is one that changes. As the plants grow (or die), you will add, trim and replace your plants.
  • Don't be afraid of maintenance. ColoradoScape design does require occasional maintenance. You will need to weed, mulch and prune. However, maintenance will be much less than the constant mowing, fertilizing and aerating of a lawn.