4. Irrigate Efficiently

Principle No. 4Rotary sprinkler

Proper irrigation is a critical factor in xeric design. If installing a sprinkler system, plan the irrigation layout at the same time the landscape is designed. Since plants should be grouped with similar watering needs, zone each area separately. Low-pressure, low-angle sprinklers are best used to irrigate turf areas. While, Drip, micro-spray, or bubble emitters are most efficient for watering trees, shrubs, flowers and ground covers. 

  • If watering by hose, avoid oscillating sprinklers that throw water high in the air or produce a fine mist. The most efficient sprinklers emit large drops of water that are kept close to the ground, thus reducing evaporation. 
  • Water deeply and infrequently to develop deep root systems - this is called cycle and soak. To reduce water loss due to evaporation, water late in the evening or early in the morning. If using an automatic sprinkler system, adjust the controller regularly to meet changing seasonal needs and weather conditions.
  • Analyzing irrigation practices and increasing efficiency can reduce water waste with a few easy actions. Interested in learning more? Enroll in a Water Wiser workshop.
  • Need a landscape contractor? The Town requires landscape contractors to register and complete a course on Castle Rock landscape and irrigation standards. Learn more and view a list of registered landscapers.