Outdoor Cleaning

When cleaning outdoors

Use a shut-off nozzle

When washing cars and boats, use a bucket, sponge and hose with self-closing nozzle and save 8-18 gallons of water per minute.

Better yet, go to a commercial car wash which recycles water. 

Use a broom 

When cleaning driveways, sidewalks and patios, using a hose can waste 8-18 gallons of water per minute.

Don’t dump 

Pouring chemicals or sweeping yard waste into the storm drain pollutes our water, making it more difficult to treat. These drains lead directly to our waterways and excess fertilizer, pet waste and chemicals can wash into our streams and reservoirs.

If you don’t want to swim in it or drink it, don't dump it. 
hose nozzles


Winterize outdoor spigots 

Prevent pipes from leaking or bursting during cold weather by winterizing outdoor spigots.

Winterize plants 

Preparing your plants for the colder weather, creates a healthier landscape reducing water needs during the next season. Attend our annual winterization class to learn how.

Master water shut-off valve 

Know where to find your master valve shut-off. If a pipe were to burst, knowing how to turn off your water could save gallons of water and prevent additional damage.

Cover your spa (or pool) 

Not only does covering your spa eliminate evaporation, it can reduce the need for chemicals.