Typical Usage

Town water usage

Water Conservation Tower of 120 water jugs representing how much water a person uses in a single dayDuring the winter, the Town distributes approximately 5 million gallons of treated water per day. In the summer, the average use is almost 19 million gallons of treated water per day.

Current annual consumption in the Town equals approximately 3.2 billion gallons. Residential use accounts for the most water used in Town. For more information, view the Water Efficiency Master Plan.

  • 74% for single and multi-family homes
  • 14% for business and development
  • 11% for irrigation only

Average household usage

On average, each Castle Rock resident uses about 120 gallons of water per day - this includes indoor use and outdoor irrigation. Here’s what 120 gallons looks like.

Note: Though irrigation does not occur in the winter months, those averages are still part of this calculation. This amount varies per year based on weather, and Castle Rock residents are currently at about 117 gallons per capita per day, based on a five-year average (2022 data).

  • 51% outdoor use
  • 13% toilets
  • 10% clothes washer
  • 12% showers
  • 7% faucets
  • 5% leaks
  • 2% dishwasher and cleaning

How does your usage compare?

Every customer in Castle Rock is allocated an individualized amount of water. Your individualized water budget is not compared to your neighbor as they may have more people in their household and a larger landscape. 

The following estimates are based on Town-wide averages:

  • Average number of people in a household: 2.8
  • Average indoor monthly usage: 4,000 gallons
  • Average outdoor monthly usage (April through October): 9,000 gallons for a 7,000-square-foot yard

The comparison that should be made is how much you continue to keep your actual usage below your household budget. Your bill identifies your actual water usage against your budgeted amount. Your indoor water budget (Tier 1) is an average of your actual winter monthly consumption. Your outdoor water budget (Tier 2) calculates for irrigation. If you reach Tier 3, you are using more water than you should (or you may have a leak). An excessive use surcharge is applied for customers using more than 40,000 gallons per month. For conservation efforts, aim to keep your actual usage below your budgeted amount.

Statement graph

Using water

This table identifies water usage for various household appliances and activities. Because every project is a little different, these amounts are estimates only. Please use WaterSense® and EnergyStar® products that have standard minimum requirements for efficiency.

Lawn irrigation 43 to 120 gallons per hour - Install a Smart Controller
- Reduce turf grass
- Cycle and soak
More water conscious
Outside water                      2 to 10 gallons per minute - Use spray nozzles for washing cars
- Play with water on lawn
More water conscious
Toilets Six flushes equals 24 gallons - Install a low-flow toilet (most homes in Castle Rock have low-flow toilets)
- Don't use the toilet as a wastebasket
- Check for leaks
Six flushes equals 10 gallons
Laundry One load equals 43 gallons - Install energy efficient washer
- Wash full loads
- Energy Saver equals 25 gallons
- Front loaders equals less than 10 gallons
Showers 10 minutes equals 40 gallons - Install low-flow shower heads
- Shorten showers to 5-7 minutes              
7 minutes equals 14 gallons                                          
Bathroom sink 2 gallons per minute - Install low-flow faucets
- Install aerators
- Turn off sink while brushing teeth, washing face or shaving
Less than 1 gallon per minute
Kitchen sink 4 gallons per minute - Install low-low faucets
- Install aerators
- Scrape food scraps into trash
- Fill sink to rinse
Less than 2 gallons per minute
Dishwasher One load equals 15 gallons - Only run a full dishwasher
- Use dishwasher instead of washing by hand
Energy Saver washer equals 6 gallons
Leaks Leaks equal 5 to 10%
(average used in U.S. adds up
to 1-trillion gallons annually)
- Check for and fix leaks, especially in toilets and sprinkler systems A leak just 1/16 of inch can waste nearly 25,000 gallons per month