Water Use Products for Outdoor Irrigation

A SMART controller (ET or weather-based) is recommended but not required. For a list of controllers that have been evaluated by the Irrigation Association, see www.irrigation.org. A SMART controller automatically adjusts the sprinkler system run time and/or schedule to react to changing weather conditions.

A rain sensor is a device that can be added to your existing system, whether it be a SMART controller or traditional timer. When rain is detected the program is interrupted and will not allow for normal watering to resume until the sensor dries out.

gear drive rotor
Sprinkler heads come in varying heights and styles.
You should take into account the  types of products that will provide adequate coverage for your plant material. There are fixed spray and rotor heads available at your local retailer (refer to the Town’s business directory at CRgov.com). Fixed spray heads provide a fan of water usually covering a small area. Rotor heads utilize a single or multi stream that rotates over a large area.

Drip irrigation is useful for trees, shrubs, flower beds, container plants.  There are two forms of drip irrigation – drip line and traditional emitters (point source drip). A drip line contains emitters evenly spaced throughout the drip tubing. This is best used where dense planting occur or saturation of the entire area is needed. Traditional emitters apply water only to a very specific point at the emitter location.