How do I upload the video?

Shoot the video horizontally on any media device (phone, tablet, etc.). Upload the video to your preferred social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), set your account to PUBLIC and tag @CRgov. Additionally, entrants must complete an online form, found at, identifying the participant and providing their contact information and video. We will send you a confirmation that we got it. If you don’t hear from us within 24 hours of uploading, contact us. When the top five finalists are chosen, we will reach back out to you to confirm your information and upload the video to our social media channels for the final competition.

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1. Why is the ColoradoScape contest for the front yard only?
2. I don’t do social media. Can I enter the contest another way?
3. What should I include in the video?
4. I don’t know how to make a polished video. What are my chances of winning?
5. How can I increase my chances of winning?
6. How do I upload the video?
7. What are the dates of the contest?
8. How and who selects the top five videos?
9. I entered the contest previously. Can I enter again?