ColoradoScape Contest

One less yard that sucks - water, that is!

To further education the community about the beauty and benefits of a ColoradoScape, Castle Rock Water gave away an $8,000 front yard landscape makeover summer 2019.

The Schuman Family won! And, are now enjoying a yard with low-water use plants that provide vibrancy and color with great curb appeal, less maintenance and lower water usage!

Plans are underway for 2020....Check back for your chance to win.

ColoradoScape BEFORE
ColoradoScape after

Before:  The yard consisted of water-guzzling Kentucky bluegrass that was browning in areas and proved to be overwhelming with mowing and weeding (and watering.)

After:  Good yard design has elements that work together. Large boulders ground the yard and break up the rocked area. A spattering of smaller boulders with plants make the rocked area look natural and not overpowering. The mulched area has a mix of evergreen plants, plus various flowers and shrubs that provide color and texture during each season. This first year, the plants are small and have room to grow.

ColoradoScape walkway
ColoradoScape living wall of grasses and shrubs
ColoradoScape riverbed
ColoradoScape evergreen shrubs
ColoradoScape boulder
ColoradoScape winding path

Here a few tips to consider when designing your low-water ColoradoScape

  • Work with what you've got - a little thinning, transplanting and pruning go a long way
  • Mix plants with seasonal interest - fall berries, spring blooms or winter evergreens
  • Give the plant a purpose - create a living wall between spaces and places
  • Know when to splurge - for immediate impact, buy a few large plants to fill in while the smaller plants grow
  • Use boulders to ground the landscape and break up large rocked areas
  • Be patient - it will take new plants 3 years to become established

Thank you to our sponsors!

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