peak day with without restrictions Nearly 75% of all water consumed in Castle Rock is used by residents. That's why helping residential customers conserve is a top priority for Castle Rock Water.

The Water Efficiency Master Plan, which is updated periodically, provides the strategies to implement to reach efficiency goals. This plan outlines individualized water budgets, seasonal water restrictions and educational opportunities. These strategies include methods to reduce consumption, increase efficiency and address tactics to preserve the Castle Rock community style while also maintaining financial feasibility.

Resident Activities

Water budget rate structure

Charging progressively more for incremental volumes of water was implemented in 1989. This tiered structure allows customers to maintain control over their bills and encourages conservation - the more water you use, the more you pay.

Water budget

1953 Watering Restriction articleProviding each resident with a personalized household water budget, shown against actual usage, encourages residents to stay within budget. Each budget is individualized so conservation is personalized and not measured against neighbors’ usage.

Watering restrictions

Every-third-day and daytime watering restrictions have brought watering efficiency to residents’ minds, minimized evaporation, controlled water waste and positively affected demand. Restricting watering times encourages residents to water when conditions are the most favorable and watering is most effective. Though watering schedules have been in effect consistently since the 1980s, Castle Rock does have a history of promoting irrigation efficiency.

Customer assistance programs

Most programs target the largest consumption area - outdoor irrigation. The Town provides rebates for those residents taking steps to reduce water for their landscape. Typically, rebates are available for turf removal, smart irrigation controllers and rotary sprinkler nozzles. Recently, rebates for high-efficiency toilets and whole-house monitoring systems have been added. Additionally, residents can request irrigation audits / sprinkler inspections, at no charge. Funding for these programs comes from water violations and excess water usage surcharges. Learn more about applying for a rebate.

Water Wiser Workshops

Are you interested in being more water conscious? Learn how to potentially save as much as 55% of water waste with more efficient watering methods. These workshops educate residents on the proper methods and products to use and are provided at no charge. Register for a workshop.

Public information and education

Changing behaviors to use water more efficiently has already conserved more than 20%. Water treatment facility tours, classroom visits and xeric design workshops are provided to bring more awareness to residents about the value of water. Various outreach methods and events also promote the importance of water and efficiency.

ColoradoScape demonstration gardens

To publicly show the beauty of using native and low-water plants, several gardens are available for viewing: Festival Park, Ray Waterman Regional Water Treatment Plant, Castle Rock Water Administration Office, Milestone Pump Station, Diamond Ridge Pump Station and Plum Creek Water Purification Facility.

Water monitoring program

Seasonally, water monitors are employed to monitor for water waste and educate on ways to improve efficiency. Fines are given for repeated water waste issues and funds from these fines, along with excess water use surcharges go toward the customer incentive rebates.

Water Ambassador Program

Castle Rock Water partners with other regional water programs, such as the South Metro Water Supply Authority, to provide education to residents. Additionally, educational efforts extend to the students in high schools and elementary schools throughout the region.

Water conservation website

This is it! Let us know what else you would like to see here. What can we do to motivate our residents to use water more efficiently?

Town Activities

Landscape regulations for new development

The Town requires a comprehensive landscape design review for new development. This review must accommodate stormwater (flooding and erosion) issues, along with landscaping and aesthetic requirements. Some regulations include restriction of Kentucky Bluegrass in public spaces and newly built residential lots and the use of low-water plants only in new or remodeled medians. Beginning January 2023, all new residential development is prohibited from installing any lawn turf in the front yard and is limited to 500 square feet of lawn turf in the back yard. Commercial spaces limit lawn turf in non-essential areas.

These regulations can be found on the Town of Castle Rock website.

Landscaper plant list

Commercial landscapers are required to use a low-water-use plant list. This list identifies plants that are easy to maintain, grow well in our arid area and require less water. This list has been adapted as a reference for residents in the Plant Finder.

Soil amendment and inspection requirements

New development is required to amend soil with a minimum of 4 cubic yards of organic material per 1,000 square feet tilled, to a minimum depth of 6 inches. New landscapes must pass a soil inspection prior to receiving an irrigation exemption.

Leak detection / non-revenue water program

Just as we encourage residents to check for leaks, Castle Rock Water does too. Internal and third-party acoustic analysis is conducted to monitor any possible leaks throughout the system. Nationally, Castle Rock is ranked in the top quartile of fewest leaks in the system.

Strategically outlined and community-endorsed plans

Plans with implementable strategies and tactics are created for each division, including stormwater, wastewater and water resources. These plans are strategically updated. View these plans.